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Thank you for choosing Superior K9 training Solutions

We have been training family pets successfully since 1991.

  • first step give me a call 818-736-2179 or email me at we can schedule a time for me to come to you.
  •   don't put up with your dog bad behavior anymore give me a call
  • We use what is called Soft Touch of One Direction the transformation happens right before your eyes.

We exceed for PetSafe and Petco fail because we believe every dog deserves a good education not just a sweet puppy and easy dogs.

  • I'm highly trained in the area of behavior modification specialist. sometimes I'm on the end  of road for some dogs if it doesn't work here they get put to sleep. so I make it  my duty to make sure that these dogs graduate and start to make better choices.
  • getting the dogs attention in keeping him focused on the right here in the right now ,we want him obedient and paying attention to us no matter what's going on in the world around him

In home training because we are working with the dog in it's own natural environment where the problem exist

  • I can start working dogs as early as 8 weeks old we can develop good patterns of learning behavior and skipped out on their bad behavior
  • once we get the basics down and we have your dog's attention sky's the limit what do you want to put into your dog you can have an average pet are you can have a super dog

Bubba the Pitbull

I come to your house where the dog lives and where the problems occur we correct them for bad behavior as they occur.

one at a time I address the issues

  • no digging
  • nipping
  • no grabbing  of shoes
  • no getting in the garbage
  • we can fix any unwanted behavior

I teach your dog to calm down and enjoy his environment while having world class obedience

     You will be amazed at how quickly the        transformation takes place. In as little as  two weeks you have a different dog.

I show  you how to read the dog so you can anticipate his move and it's very easy and we correct him before the behavior actually happens We can confirm body language

the raising of the hackels




I teach you what the signs are so you can correct your dog before he/she gets to the trouble

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